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ElyssaMed® is a spin-off of Gustave Roussy Institute and this company is developing the first active immunotherapy use comprising several antigenic peptides (epitopes) derived from PPCT, combined with an already marketed vaccine adjuvant for clinical use in non-small-cell lung cancer
This product once administered to lung cancer patients, will amplify their specific immune responses against tumor cells expressing the PPCT antigen and lead to their destruction.

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Innovative nature of the technology

This immunotherapy is based on the discovery by the founding team members of the tumor antigen PPCT (Preprocalcitonin), a precursor of the hormone calcitonin (CT).
They demonstrated that PPCT, which is expressed or over-expressed in several human lung tumor types, is capable of inducing a specific immune response in many lung cancer patients and constitutes a promising candidate for an antitumor immunotherapy approach.
The ultimate goal is to develop a personalized vaccine composed not only of PPCT antigen, but also of peptides from mutated antigens identified in the tumor of each patient which will be the heart of the ElyssaTech® platform.
This technology differs from all other competing immunotherapy approaches as its mode of action will allow destruction of immune escape of tumors and its use in multi-resistant patients.

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Pathological targeted fields

ElyssaMed® will develop the first therapeutic treatment for clinical use in non-small-cell lung cancer. This product once administered to lung cancer patients, will amplify their specific immune responses against cancer cells expressing the antigen PPCT and lead to their destruction.
The company plans to apply its first candidate drug to other cancers that express or over express PPCT, such as:

  • Small Cell lung cancer,
  • Medullary thyroid cancers,
  • "Orphan diseases",
  • Neuroendocrine tumors.

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Historical background

ElyssaMed stems from a discovery made at the Gustave Roussy Institute during the study of the remission of a cancer patient who had refused all forms of medical treatment.
Studying the immunological characteristics of this patient's tumor remission, Dr. Fathia Mami-Chouaib's INSERM U1186 "integrative tumor immunology and genetics oncology " was able to understand and mimic the underlying mechanism of tumor rejection.
This led to the development of ElyssaTech®: a revolutionary new approach to fight cancer.
Gustave Roussy is a pioneer in the demonstration of the center immunotheray's effectiveness in Europe, click on the logo to get more informations Logo de gustave rossy


Scientific advisory committee

A scientific advisory committee has been established to assist the company to define its scientific strategy for the successful development of these pharmaceuticals. It is chaired by Dr. Fathia MAMI-CHOUAIB and comprises:

  • Photo de Fathia MAMI-CHOUAIBResearch director at INSERM, Ecole Normale, Fathia MAMI-CHOUAIB obtained a PhD in immunology from the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1984. After a 3-year post-doctoralfellowship at NIH, Bethesda, USA, she was recruited to INSERM to continue her research at Gustave Roussy Institute.
    During her career, she was initially interested in the murine immunoglobulin genes and then in human T lymphocytes receptors. Since 1996 she has directed her research towards anti-tumor immunology and immunotherapy.
    She has contributed to the identification of tumor associated antigens in lung cancer that are recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes and has helped elucidate the mechanisms involved in optimizing the anti-tumor immune response.
  • Photo de Peter G. COULIEDr. Pierre G. COULIE, MD , PhD, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Photo de Pedro ROMEROProfessor Pedro ROMERO MD, Deputy Director of the Ludwig Center UNIL for Cancer Research, Lausanne Switzerland
  • Photo de Benjamin BESSEDr. Benjamin BESSE, MD, Chief of Thoracic Pathology Committee of the Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif, France

Board of directors

  • Photo de Cédric POIGNEAUCédric POIGNEAU, President-CEO, who will design the drug candidate's development strategy based on regulatory requirements and key administrative functions. Cédric, who is qualified as a chartered accountant, will bring his expertise in management and pharmaceutical development to the project
  • Photo de Isabelle PELLETIER-BRESSACIsabelle PELLETIER-BRESSAC, CEO of Gustave Roussy Transfert, has a tranning in Law from Paris and Stockholm univeristies. Prior joining IGR, Isabelle has worked for SANOFI, GENSET and Cellectis in Business development department
  • Photo de Jean-François DUFOUR-LAMARTINIEJean-François DUFOUR-LAMARTINIE is R&D /Clinics Director at Hybrigenics. He has extensive experience in clinical drug development. Before joining Hybrigenics, Jean-François Dufour-Lamartinie served for 3 years in a similar capacity in BioAlliance Pharma, a French biopharmaceutical company
  • Photo de Alain MAQUÎNAlain MAQUÎN , Chief Pharmaceutical Officer (CPO) and General Manager at ASTERA (Eurodep Exploitant) Company specialized in Outsourcing pharmaceutical services. Degree in Pharmacy, master's degrees in Galenic technology and Health economy. He has an extensive experience in leading domestic and international pharmaceutical or emerging biotech companies (Sanofi, LFB, Mediolanum, BioAlliance, Dômes Finance and Idis)
  • Photo de Elyes CHOUAIEBElyes CHOUAIEB, Pharm
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Patent's portofolio


  • Patent technology

    • Europe: issued under No. EP 2170941 28 December 2012
    • China: issued under No. ZL 200880021020.X on 1 May 2013
    • United States: issued under No. US 8,492,342 July 23, 2013
    • Australia: issued under No. AU 2008277350 December 5 ,2013
    • Japan: issued under No. JP 5393661 October 25, 2013
    • Canada: application CA 2691406 patent pending

  • Patent Products

    • European Patent Application 15176174.9 No. - 1403. Date: 09/23/15

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Pipeline products under development:

ElyssaMed® develops multiple drug candidates targeting cancer based on a novel technological platform; its lead product EM-03 is developed to treat non-small cell lung cancer.

  • 1st in class
  • Combination of selected proprietary immunogenic peptides targeting a specific lung tumor associated antigen.
  • MOA: this antigen overcome tumor escape from the immune system by using a novel process mechanism independent of TAP/ Proteasome pathway/
  • Route of administration: Intra dermal injection
  • Used in combination with a marketed vaccine adjuvant
  • API & DP produced by CMO FDA / EMA approved

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For decades, lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer death in the world. Despite the possibilities of surgery and chemo- or radio-therapy treatments, only 15% of patients are still alive two years after diagnosis. Therefore lung cancer represents both a medical challenge and a socio-economic problem at the forefront of public health in Europe and the United States. ElyssaMed® will primarily target the cancer drug market. This market reached 60 billion Euro in 2012, including 6 billion in France. Its growth, estimated at 10.8% per year, is twice as fast as that of the entire pharmaceutical market.
The first cancer that will be targeted by the ElyssaMed® technology is the non-small cell lung cancer which account for 80% of lung cancers. However, the team's research studies have shown that other cancers could be targeted by the vaccine including medullary thyroid cancers (MTC), neuroendocrine tumors (NET) and small cell lung cancers (SCLC) as well as all tumors that express PPCT.
The latter pathologies include those that are classified as rare (orphan) diseases for which a facilitated and accelerated development of new treatments is permitted.

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